Do It Yourself

Do you  want a very specific costume, maybe Seven of Nine from Star Trek, and can’t find it “off the rack”, online, or anywhere for that matter?  Or, if you can find it, it is a custom job that is way beyond your budget or would take too long to get?

Then you may have to take matters into your own hands and make it yourself.  Sounds daunting but need not be.  Depending on the complexity, you may even get away with not being able to sew.  There is such a thing as fabric glue and even clothing designers use it from time to time in a pinch.

So how do you go about this and what is needed?

First and foremost, a creative streak will help a lot. You might be able to re-task clothes in your closet, or from a thrift shop and, with minor modifications, they can form the basis for much of your costume.

To get started:

1. Make sure you have a clear cut idea of your character and its’ costume.  A picture or a sketch will be helpful when you go rummaging through your closet , or comparing  to a commercial sewing pattern, or need to explain it to a seamstress.

2. Take your measurements.  It is not good enough to just know your size. You will need specific measurements  inseam, waist,  bust, etc. if you are going to craft a well fitting costume.  See  link for a measurement guide.

3.  A pattern.  You may be able to find a commercial sewing pattern at a fabric shop or on the net.  Or, you may find it useful to carefully de-construct an old garment of yours that fits.  Here are some patterns we have found. XXXXXXXX   Free patterns are hard to find on the net but there are some good articles on general garments especially for renaiiasance clothes.  You also might check your library for books on costume construction or check Here are some we have found.  XXXXXXXXX

4. Sources for fabrics and other materials.  Local fabric stores may have limited choices. It is difficult, at times, even on the net, to find just the right color of spandex or orange vinyl for that LeeLoo costume.   Here are some resouces as a starting point. XXXXXXXX

5.  Sources of props and accessories.  A good wig  and accessories go a long way in making your character come to life.   Nowadays, the internet has opened up the possibilities while keeping it affordable.

Then again, maybe you don’t have the time or inclination to go through all of this. You could find a seamstress, give her all your costume research listed above, and with her experience and skills, you just might get to be that unique character and be confident that there won’t be ten of them at the part.

P.S.   Moon costumes has a special custom costume service if you can’t find a local seamstress. see link