How to be a Great Guest at a Theme Party

Tips for Dressing Up for a Themed Party.

With the increased need to have FUN these days, more and more people are looking for any reason to throw a party.  Whether halloween, parties with a theme, or to celebrate obscure “holidays”, such as, Talk Like A Pirate Day, it is very likely that you’ll be invited to one that requires a costume.

To be a great guest that will add life to the party, make the effort to put some imagination into your costume.  It would be a dreary party if everyone showed up as the same pirate captain.

Diversity is the spice of life and parties too!

A good Pirate Party needs crewmen, wenches, ladies, royal navy men, as well as pirate captains.  A Space Party needs aliens of all sorts, imperial troopers, Jedi knights, and princess slavegirls  (this is one category that, maybe, there can’t be enough of).  You may want to consult with your host or hostess to co-ordinate the mix.

Another way to avoid being just another cliched character is to put your own unique spin on an old favorite. A little thought can go a long way.  For instance, instead of being a Jack Sparrow clone, you could be the dreaded pirate, RedBeard, from the Coconut Islands. Your costume would have the distinguishing elements that would reflect such a fierce personage, like a red beard and perhaps a necklace made of coconut pieces.  Or, maybe you are Bizarro Batman. Your bat insignia and gloves have turned purple (as well as your lips) from being exposed to the Joker’s radiation ray.  Then again, you could be Little Bad Riding Hood that hunts down wolves. Beware your charms!   I could go on, but I think you get the idea.

As a guest at a theme party, remember, you want to be a character in line with the theme of the party but, also, one that will stand out , uniquely, as a lively, fun addition to the festivities.